Become a Coach

First off, thank you.

RBYSL, and the board of directors, would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of those who volunteer their precious time with our youth.

We would also like to thank previous coaches who have got us this far.

RBYSL specifically would like to invite those individuals who are interested in coaching, and who are serious about coaching to consider going through the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA).

CYSA promotes the understanding and development of a 9 step routine for coaching teams to success.

Coach for RBYSL

Whether you are a head coach or an assistant coach you’re making a positive impact by helping set kids on a path toward lifelong wellness and develop lifelong skills in all aspects of their life.

Children develop resilience, cope with disappointment, learn from mistakes, and make adjustments to strategies. Developing these skills will help children in all aspects of life.

As a coach, you’ll get to see the progression of your young athletes into high school and maybe even to college level. You will also get to know kids who don’t pursue athletics but still feel the joy of being part of a team.

Coaches are part of something that makes a difference in people’s lives. The development of the young people on your team has meaning and value to our community.

Who are we looking for to coach?

RBYSL needs to “grow-move forward” in terms of soccer. In order for our league to grow, and to provide a more refined – structured soccer program for our kids, we need to start with a new clean slate.

With that being said, all league members (new and old) will have an opportunity to compete/apply for one of the coaching positions. It is the goal of RBYSL to find and certify as many coaches as possible before we form or field any teams for the upcoming seasons.

Typically, coaches are parents who have been volunteering their time with their kids and our local kids. They have entered the local recreational program and may know some basics about the game.

There are also those who have been more involved with the game and may know more about the game.

All of our coaches are on a volunteer basis. If you possess the desire to learn the game and be a good coach/teacher, you can be guided to be an effective coach for a Division 4 and Division 3 team and contribute to the growth of Red Bluff Youth Soccer!

Your league needs coaches, RBYSL needs YOU!

Remember, no coaches, no teams

Coaching Resources

U6-U8 Coaching Manual


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U10 Coaching Manual


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U12-U14 Coaching Manual


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Cal North Coach Education


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Laws of the game


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