Competition Team Tryout Dates

Competition team tryouts can take place at anytime between 4/13 – 4/26. For comp teams for the 2015-2016 seasonal passes are 4/13-4/26. The earliest announcement date is 4/27. Don’t fret about the dates as it should be noted that teams can still hold tryouts after these dates as these are just the earliest teams can hold tryouts.

1st Walk in Registration of Spring 2015

Register now for the coming Spring Season!

RBYSL will be holding walk in registration this Friday, January 16th, 2015 from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm @

Round Table Pizza in Red Bluff.

Stop by to register your child for the coming Spring Season. If you have questions please feel free to stop by and we will be happy to do our best to answer them for you.

Don’t miss out, sign up early to and be sure your child has a spot reserved on one of our Spring teams!

If you are a coach or interested in becoming a coach stop by to sign up! You can sign up to receive all of the latest news and updates from our coaching coordinators!

Do you own a business or know someone that does? Stop by and sponsor a team! What better way to advertise than on the back of the jerseys of enthusiastic young soccer players! We will be recognizing our sponsors in fun new ways this season, don’t miss out!

Registration Fee’s for the Spring Season

Under 6 = $20 **Special offer this season only***

Under 8 = $60

Under 10 = $65

Under 12 & UP = $70

Family Cap = $175


Soccer for the kids!